why evergreen?

Customer Education

We're teachers first and provide complete education on everything involved in your home going solar.

Our best customers are well-informed customers. Because of that, we are committed to ensuring you are empowered to make your decision about going solar with complete, timely, and accurate information. We don’t force our customers into going solar, we guide them and make sure they know exactly what’s going on and what they should expect.

Powering the future

Saving money is great, but saving our planet is at the core of who we are.

Our planet needs more green energy and less pollution, period. And solar power is one of the few green energy solutions that is actually less expensive than its fossil fuel counterpart.


We're straight shooters and do the right thing no matter who is watching.

When you work with top rated products and services and surround yourself with educated, passionate people, being honest is easy.

Above All Else, We Care.

"When we launched Evergreen, we were very clear on our mission. Exceptional customer satisfaction, notable energy savings, and a positive environmental impact."

-Brian Fabiano