Professional Roofer Peeling the shingles off of a new roof where the warranty was voided because they went with a low level solar installation.

Do solar panels void a roof warranty? Here’s what you need to know.

So you either need a roof replacement, just replaced your roof, or are bundling roof + solar, and now you’re wondering if your new solar panels are going to void your roof warranty? Well good on you for thinking ahead and avoiding a costly mistake down the road!

It’s becoming clear that solar is a great way to save money on your energy bills and help increase the value of your home. But, will they void your roof warranty? We’re here to answer that question and share some helpful info on what you need to know about roof and solar warranties.


Does installing solar panels void your roof warranty?

First things first, if you’re going through our roof and solar bundle, you’re of course in great shape. You’re covered for the next 50 years. If not and you’re still researching companies, here’s what you need to know: Installing solar panels is (probably) not going to nullify your roof warranty. As long as you are working with a reputable solar installer that offers a workmanship warranty, you should be in good shape – even if something happens during the installation.

What’s a workmanship warranty you ask? This type of warranty guarantees the quality of the workmanship that goes into the installation. Still, you’ll want to double check with the installer that any damages will be covered — and for how long.

While any noticeable damage would likely be visible right away, these warranties can range from 1 to 10 years. So even if you notice something down the line, if you find the cause to be from the solar panel installation, your investment should be protected by that warranty. If you’re still researching companies, definitely ask about what warranties they offer.

Shameless plug here, we provide every solar installation with the most comprehensive warranty in the business – a 10 year workmanship warranty, a 25 year solar panel warranty, and a 25 year power production guarantee (oh and a 50 year shingle warranty if you get a new roof and solar at the same time).


There’s One Way to Guarantee Your Warranty – Bundle Roof and Solar

There is one way you can guarantee that your roof warranty won’t be voided by your solar installation. That’s by getting your roof replacement at the same time that you make the switch to solar.

Bundling Roof + Solar is quickly becoming the most common way to get a new roof in New England. Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts all have great solar incentives, and they are all states where you can get a new roof with solar and still pay less than you would for traditional electricity.

So why would you get a new roof and solar at the same time? Bundling protects your roof warranty. With your roof being part of your solar project, you should be getting a warranty that protects your roof as well. Since we use Certainteed Landmark shingles and all of our solar installations are certified by Certainteed, we’re able to maintain a 50 year shingle warranty — even with solar. 

Another benefit of our bundle is that it works with both owning and leasing solar panels. So you can pick the option that works best for you and still get a brand new roof! Here is a brief overview of the warranties that we provide with our solar installations.

Evergreen Solar Warranties:

  • 10 Year Workmanship Warranty
  • 25 Year Solar Warranty
  • 25 Year Power Production Guarantee
  • 50 Year Roof Shingle Warranty (with roof + solar bundle)

That’s a wrap – now get your roof on the house!

Now that you know a little more about how warranties work with a roof and solar, it’s time to get rid of that electric bill and make the switch to renewable solar energy! If you want to learn more about solar warranties or our roof + solar bundle, give us a call and we can walk through how you can future-proof your roof!